Common shoplifting techniques

Shoplifting taken as a whole and then revealing shoplifting techniques… You know, you must be right! Therefore, it is much better if you get out of the page and keep on learning moral questions! Are you still here?!

All right, guys, those who do need to learn shoplifting tricks, welcome on board! Today we will share with you certain techniques for easy shoplifting. Here are the most common rules to follow:

1. Avoid video surveillances. Number One among the tips on shoplifting especially for beginners. This is the safest way. It might happen that other shoppers may notice you, but in this case, the last ones must be decisive enough to react. Simply be aware that you do not have them around.

2. Don’t shoplift in the shop where you buy bread every day! If you often buy products in the shop next to your home place, the probability to get snaked is very high. You’d better spend a bit more on petrol and lift the desired item in a farther place.

3. Choose different stores. Shoplifting is easy in one store, but difficult in the other. In any case, do not hit the same easy shoplifting stores over and over again. At least make long pauses between hits.

4. Use shoplifting clothes and accessories. You are ready to shoplift some definite items. It’s like buying from the list. Remember the rule not make emotional ‘purchases’. You use your shoplifting clothes or accessories only for the things that fit perfectly. No overload!

5. Keep your cool. Suspicious people always take center stage. The usual thing about any situation even out of the topic of shoplifting techniques. Any sign of nervousness provokes insecurity signals. There is no need for employees to catch the. That’s why act naturally!

6. Place the stuff back if you are not certain. It can occur some person sees your intentions. He or she can follow you. No shoplifter tips will work out if sharp eyes already catch you in the shop. You place it back on the shelf and walk out the door.

7. Know your rights. Shoplifting is considered as a completed act when you walk by the register with a stolen item. If shop employees catch you, but you do not go through the register, you are likely to have no troubles. Tell them you did not have a chance to pay. Under these conditions, they have no right to pick up for shoplifting.

8. Be a good runner! Even professionals face troubles; you need to have all possible options to escape. You leave the shop with your trophy and suddenly notice a man following you. Run as fast as you can! As fast as you once did in your perfect student years!

9. Have your driver waiting. In the worst scenario, shoplifting tips and tricks were not effective. You are running away from a security. There is a couple of meters left and you jump into the car. Your friend instantaneously drives you away from the red-faced employee. The end of the movie. It is a happy end if your plate number is covered...

10. Be careful with other people. The very worst scenario is when you are caught and there is no way out. You still can make it worse if you hurt someone beside you even accidently. Keep in mind that there are different penalties for different violations. Be careful and let it be shoplifting only.
Remember that the best shoplifter works without much ado. In this article, we have revealed ten common rules on shoplifting and how to use them in the proper way. What can be called ‘best shoplifting’? It is when you are safe and the mission is completed. Shoplifting tricks is just one side of the approach, another one (which is more powerful by the way) is your intuition and self-confidence. Our team wish you all the best in the adventurous world!
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