Shoplifting Laws in PA

Retail theft can be a serious criminal charge according to Pennsylvania criminal law. The punishment for shoplifting has a different degree depending on the value of the stolen goods. However, it is important to pay tremendous attention to any kind of criminal charge in order to avoid dire consequences. It is not easy to understand Pennsylvania shoplifting laws; it is best to reduce the risk and avoid trying to extricate yourself out of the situation alone.

What is shoplifting?
Shoplifting is a quiet removal of goods from a retail store. The very concept of "shoplifting" originated in America with the emergence of the first self-service stores and dates back to the 1940s. It is considered to be classic to take out items in your own clothes or a special booster bag. Followers of the old-fashioned method use foil for the bag to jam the signals on anti-theft tags. Modern shoplifters prefer using special metallic fabric like fabric. Moreover, today there are more advanced options for committing shoplifting in PA. Namely, a variety of detachers and jammers.

What are the losses of retail crime?
The newspaper St. Louis Post-Dispatch released the results of the annual National Retail Safety Survey. They found that shoplifting costs retailers an estimated $ 10 billion a year. The study also found that 30 percent of these losses are the result of organized retail crime. Efforts to stop these losses should focus on both professional shoplifters and casual thieves. Among the most commonly stolen items are tobacco products, branded clothing and sports shoes, small appliances, jewelry, and food.

New weapon in the fight against shoplifting
Shop owners are constantly trying to fight against shoplifting with all sorts of methods. The source tags have recently been used. This tag is a type of anti-theft tags implemented by a manufacturer, not a retailer. Typically, the source tags are inside a container or a package. Some source tags can be used for both security and product control.

Do I need a lawyer?
Should you spend money on a lawyer for a simple shoplifting? It would seem that the case is not so severe. However, any criminal conviction for theft can reward you with a criminal record. A criminal past affects not only the current situation, but also your future. And it's not just a matter of finding a good job, it's also problems with a scholarship, renting an apartment and others like that. A lawyer will help you avoid this black spot in your biography.

Defense in PA shoplifting laws
There is an option to reduce payments or to recover damages in exchange for the withdrawal of charges. A lawyer may talk about another method of rehab in the event of the first shoplifting, called ARD. This is the Pennsylvania special intervention program. It works for offenders who have not committed any violent acts, and have no previous experience of offenses. ARDs are issued by the county and only applicable in certain circumstances. However, it still makes sense to put in issue your case before agreeing to ARD.

Pennsylvania shoplifting punishment
The category and severity of the punishment is determined by the cost and method of action during shoplifting.
• Items worth more than $ 2,000, stealing a car or using a gun, or for a third offense, you get a third degree felony. The maximum penalty is up to 7 years in prison.
• Items worth more than $ 150 but less than $ 2000, you get a first degree misdemeanor. The maximum penalty is up to 5 years in prison.
• Items worth up to $ 150 and in the case of a second offense, you get a second degree misdemeanor. The maximum penalty is up to 3 years in prison.
• Items worth up to $ 100 and in the case of a first offense, you get a summary offence. The maximum penalty is up to 90 days in prison.
Penalties for shoplifting in Pennsylvania do not end there. In addition, you will be obliged to pay a fine of at least $ 500 and a 30-day driver’s license suspension in the event of a third offense, a fine of $ 250-500 in the event of a second offense, and from $ 10 to $ 250 in the event of a first offense.

Avoid shoplifting punishment at all costs!
My advice may seem too trivial to you, but still listen. If you have decided on such a risky business, then you need good preparation. It is not a problem if you take out a dozen chocolates or take a pregnancy test in a store closet. However, if you decide to go big, then prepare properly. The theory always comes before practice. Check out how professional shoplifters work. And you will be able to bypass not only shoplifting laws of Pennsylvania, but many others!

Quality shoplifting equipment
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