EAS AM+RF jammer “2in1” v.2021

price: 1000 $usd
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warranty: 1 year

the best of all time in quality and efficiency
Despite the fact that the publication date of the jammer is October 2019, the jammer has been in active use since June 2019, about 50 devices were sold at the time of publication. Tested in all West European countries, Spain, Canada, USA, Turkey, England.

 watch more videos with demonstrations of jammers on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bombastershop+jammer

JAMMER is sold only with a disguise in the case of a PowerBank type device which has 2 standard (factory) buttons for separately controlling AM and RF jammers.
PowerBank retains all the functionality and the ability to charge other gadgets. You will freely pass through any control at airports or other places where personal searches are carried out.
You are sure to get all the necessary instructions about use and the Jammer control system.
The Jammer also has the ability to completely lock the control system to increase your safety in a dangerous situation.

detailed information you can see on the pages of the description of AM and RF jammers of the latest versions:
RF jammer

Additional description:
The 2in1 jammer is disguised as an ordinary PowerBank, this PowerBank has 2 physical factory buttons for checking the charge level, why did the manufacturer of these power banks make them like that?
- We could not understand this, but thanks to this we were able to separate them and maintain full functionality.
Each of the two buttons retains the ability to check the level of charge (but the data that the jammer tells you through vibration feedback is taken as the basis).

What does all this mean?
- We built both jammers inside one housing and found a way to separately control each of them.
Inside the jammer, they are in no way interconnected, except for receiving energy from the same power source (2 accumulators of the type 18650 with 2800mAh each).

Can I turn it on at the same time?
- Yes, they can be active at the same time, but this does not make sense, since you must be able to distinguish between AM and RF systems and activate only the jammer you need, otherwise you are not a professional and this equipment will be more dangerous than good for you, but We are trying to expand your opportunities every day by improving technology in the pursuit of ideal.
Study all the materials I have created in the most accessible way to understanding, and you will see this world and your capabilities in a completely different way.

How is locking and unlocking done?
- Since the inside of the jammer is in no way interconnected, you must separately lock and unlock it, that is, if necessary, block it, you block the jammer with your button and the RF jammer with your button.

Why so many nuances?
- We are not trying to sell you a useless and dangerous thing that would promise you “miracles”, we are realists and real practitioners. Promises of "miracles" are usually the lot of scammers, parasites and others who just want to get your money.

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