mini detacher №3 – 20000Gs (modifications 2023 ALL tag)


last detacher configuration update 04/2022

last detacher configuration update 08/2022

 cost: $190 / €190
magnetic induction over 20000 gs
dimensions: height = 4 cm; diameter = 5,3 cm

Unlike modifications №1 and №2, can unlock the mechanisms of the most modern tags:

1) anti-theft tags DuralTag. Despite all the statements of the manufacturer about the fact that these tags can only open the original detacher;
2) rare round tags that meet customers in Western Europe (Belgium, Great Britain);
3) NEOTAG tags. despite all the statements of this manufacturer that these tags can only be opened with an original detacher, which costs $ 300 from suppliers and is sold only with a large batch of expensive tags;
4) 2019 new Sensormatic InFusion tags;
and others, read more in the section:"The types of detachers and anti-theft tags"
!!! 2022 modification is incompatible with NEOTAG rings !!!

and others, read more in the section:"The types of detachers and anti-theft tags" 

In the parcel to the detacher, I put the plastic tags-sensors. This helps to use the store faster.

Due to the special configuration, this detacher can open NEOTAG eas tags, which according to the manufacturer’s claims can only be opened with an original $ 300 detacher.
!!!ATTENTION!!! Since June 2017, a magnetic ring has been added to the pullers No. 2 and No. 3, it makes it easy to open the NEOTAG eas tags. The ring is only needed to open these eas tags because of the features of the lock design of these tags.

Detacher No. 2 and No. 3 do not open tags other than NEOTAG if a ring is mounted on the detacher. To open locks of conventional anti-theft tags, remove the ring and install it on the back side as shown in the video:

The ring is magnetic, which is why VERY VERY VERY fragile.
Carefully study the video, carefully remove and install the ring back, a huge number of broken and broken rings in customers:

Thank you for your attention to this moment.

the cost of the ring is $10. 

The 1-2-3 magnetic type detachers don’t open SuperTags.
Mechanisms of these detachers are absolutely different. SuperTag can be opened with the help of the special hook:

Here this tags are SuperTag:
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