deactivator AM soft tag stickers

has no analogues in the world.
at the moment only we can produce portable AM ​​deactivators.


- deactivation of only AM soft sticker sensors:
• can be only plastic;
• sizes: size: 4 cm – length, 1 cm – breadth, 1-2 mm – height!;
• convex = volumetric;
• the most often used style – white with a false barcode, but black and other colored can also be found;
• inside the sensor there are two parallel solid metal strips of the same size which are and very vulnerable to bending and jam.

- deactivation of dark gray SuperTag (photo below) - ONLY these SuperTags have a deactivation sticker inside the tag.

Disguised as a PowerBank
PowerBank does not lose its options:
- charging other devices, charging level indication, charging the PowerBank itself from typical chargers.
Switching on/off and the rest is done with the regular PowerBank button, all detailed instructions you will get at the purchase.

Search radius: 14-17cm
Deactivation radius: up to 10cm

Working time of approximately 10 hours in search mode.
Number of deactivations with one battery charge about 80-100.

Warranty: 1 year.
Service life is likely several years of use, as long as the battery is alive.

In active mode, the indication is two LEDs and vibration:
blue LED lights up when the tag is found in the search field and the vibration is activated;
red LED lights up in addition to the blue one, when the sensor is in the optimal zone(position) for deactivation, and the vibration is accelerated.

The deactivation can be done manually or automatically, i.e:
you can disable automatic deactivation, which occurs when the red LED goes off, in this mode to start the deactivation process you need to press the PowerBank button (it is one).
But at the same time, even if automatic deactivation is enabled, you can press the button and a deactivation pulse will be emitted.

Recharge time after deactivation is about 1 second:
- That is, after the sensor is found and the deactivation is triggered, the next automatic deactivation attempt will occur after about 1.5 seconds, as 0.5 seconds is required to find the tag and trigger the program.

Why "attempt"?
- If you want to be sure it's not long, swipe the item again at that location. This does not mean that more than one try is always required, but a lot depends on the mutual location of the tag and deactivator.

!!! all deactivators and gates see(react) deactivated AM stickers at a distance of 0-1 centimeter.
Why does this happen?
- actually when a very strong impact on the tag, the metal petals inside start to "rustle" so strongly that it creates a vibration of the air near the tag.

From this it follows that if the deactivator does not see the tag further than 1-2cm, then the tag is successfully deactivated!
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