Black RF Fabric 2017 (without metal)

Price: $85 - per linear meter
roll width: ~55cm
composition: without metals
very soft, silky feel

special fabric for shielding RF tags of compatible EAS gates of RadioFrequency Technology 8.2MHz

Information on the distinguishing features of AM and RF systems can be found at this link:
How to identify the type of antitheft system 


Why do we need a new cloth when the old works fine?

1. I do not pile new cloth, the problem began to arise in megacities and some brand stores. Nickel began to react to some of the Metal Detectors + gradually appear MD that react to any metals size of 10 “tablet.
– If everything is stable and normal in your city and you do not notice problems, the old cloth will last you a long time, use it with pleasure.
– If in your city or in those places that you are interested in, something somewhere began to ring at the old cloth, start to think about replacing.

2. The new fabric is really very soft, you can safely sew.
3. Wear resistance of the fabric depends only on your handling of it. You will protect the fabric from puffs and other sharp and rough objects, everything will be fine. I recommend sewing it between two layers of fine synthetic fabric, so it will be almost eternal relative to your life.
The tissue was tested in the form of a packet without protection for 3 months, showed itself perfectly, but this is no reason to irresponsibly treat an important instrument. 
4. Expanded applications: pockets, pouches, one-piece double pads in clothes, lining in caps, gluing surfaces.
5. Even promising metal detectors will not be able to determine the presence of this tissue, because Metals are absent in it and the physics of conduction is completely different.
6. Screening properties are checked, all RF and RFID gate systems.

Does this RF fabrics screen cell phone signals, and can it be an indicator of effectiveness?
- It is unacceptable to compare the frequency of gates and cellular communications, since they differ by several numerical orders, and the data transmission methodology uses completely different physical principles. Try comparing 4G (2.6 GHz = 2.600.000.000 Hz) and RF gate (8.2 MHz = 8.200.000 Hz). But at the same time, metallized fabric shields cellular communication signals quite efficiently, black fabric without metals is less effective.

Is it possible to use your RF fabrics to hide something from Metal Detectors, for example, at the airport?
- No. Special store metal detectors(metalguard) and frame or manual MD use completely different methods for determining metals. Special MD are looking for any number of conductive materials throughout the depth of their radius. In-store MD are looking for a change in their own field between the MD gates within acceptable values, and by significantly lowering the signal absorption/reflection ratio with the help of fabrics, we become invisible to MD.
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