AMRF tag+indicator

AM+RF tag indicator disguised as RFID access key.
power supply no required.

The disguise was chosen precisely because of the active proliferation of access control systems to premises or storage locations through RFID keys, many people are increasingly carrying these access keys with them.

The latching button has only 2 positions:
1. in the lower state, you are holding in your hands ONLY the AM INDICATOR, which will absolutely accurately show you the presence of an AM field between the gates, if these gates are AM and they are active.
2. in the upper position you are holding 2 active anti-theft tags AM+RF in your hands and the gate will react to your RFID key as to conventional AM RF sensors.

Why is this thing needed at all?
- the identification of the AM system;
- checking the quality of work of boosterbags, fabrics, jammers;
- switching the attention of personnel, if necessary, intentional triggering so that later the sensors can be turned off.

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