How to Choose an RF Jammer?

If you are looking for information on how to make an RF jammer, you may not read further. This article will focus on specialized thieves' equipment used by professionals. The shoplifter risks his freedom every time he goes to shoplift goods. Relying on equipment of homemade art would be at least unwise. Professional shoplifters choose reliable AM and RF jammers only from trusted manufacturers.

RF jammers from Bombastershop
If you are aiming to jam only RF tags, the best choice will be a jammer from Bombastershop 2020 This equipment works with gates of all manufacturers (Gateway, DetexLine, Checkpoint, Nedap, etc.). The jammer has 8 modes of activity, operates within a radius of 1.5 meters and one charge is enough for 70 minutes of operation. To see how the jammer works in real life, see the following videos
Universal jammer 2 in 1
The best invention in the world of shoplifting equipment today is the universal 2-in-1 jammer from the manufacturer Bombastershop. It is compatible with AM and RF systems. Disguise in the power bank makes it possible to take it with you in any situation and not to be afraid of personal search. Universal jammer is the result of many years of testing and work. How to make an AM and RF jammer of this kind? Just 10 years of your efforts and knowledge! This device is not intended for hobbyists or casual shoplifters. These shoplifting devices are designed for professionals.

What should be considered when you choose an RF jammer?
Before buying any kind of shoplifting equipment, you need to answer yourself the following question: where and how do I plan to use it? In addition to jammers, there are booster bags and pullers to help a shoplifter. If you have decided on an RF jammer, you should be well aware of the difference between AM and RF gates. In order to thoroughly understand this topic, follow the link
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