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What are the advantages and differences from the products bought on Aliexpress?

1. compactness:

Dimensions: 38мм in diameter; 13mm in height

weight: 110 grams

- detacher attracts less attention;

- easier to be hidden during the rummage;

- more convenient in its usage.

2. Firm capacity: 12000Gs

- removes all kinds of standart tags (hereinafter – the “tag”) with reinforced lock mechanism;

- detachers are gathered from the best magnetic materials created by an individual order;

- product was sold more than a thousand times;

- reviews considering the detachers’ power are only positive;

- lots of video proofs on YouTube.

3. Durability:

- the detacher is gathered according to my own original technology and stands up well to a fall on hard surface without any loss of capacity.

All detachers are assembled on the original technology, and to increase the strength treated with a special compound, this compound solid as a rock.

Minuses of Chinese detachers:

1. You can be deceived: A few years ago I made a wholesale batch of these goods. Internal magnets and Assembly configuration did not match the right technology in 30% of cases.

You can read the information in the section:


Detachers turned out to be the fakes of four types:

- Having just one large magnet inside.

- Having three magnets simulating a magnetic assembly inside.

- Having the correct magnet assembly, but of smaller size inside.

- Having the correct magnet assembly inside, but the magnets are produced in violation of the technology or of low-quality magnetic materials.

2. Big detachers are evident, you have to hide them carefully not to attract somebody’s attention.

3. It often turns out that the magnet assembly is destroyed and needs the right tools, knowledge and time to glue everything according to the right scheme in order to sectionalize and reduce the detacher in size.


– Applied in shoplifting sphere, this detacher has a lot of advantages over the Chinese ones. It can be proved by my personal practice and the practice of thousands of my clients.

– The assembly technology of the miniature detacher was invented in 2010 by me for personal shoplifting usage. Year by year I’ve been receiving more and more gratitude for this invention.

According to your desire I can put a few plastic anti-theft tags in your parcel (free). They will help to create a clear understanding of the detacher usage and, if necessary, of the anti-theft system.

FAQ (a list of the most common questions for me, preferably reading):

responds appropriately alarm if the magnet(detacher) in EAS gates?

— No, no beeps. This is possible only in the case of the special Metall-Detector system installed that can respond to the thick aluminum casing standard detachers. but these systems are rarely found awful. 

If you remove all the tags with a detacher, will the tags-stickers will alarm?

— Stickers are the same full-fledged tags as the usual ones. And the gate will respond to them. However, there are misconceptions about the appearance and parameters of sticker tags. Learn the section about the types of gates and sensors. 

What is the detacher smeared with? Does it get dirty? Why do we need an iron stripe around magnets?

— ─ The material that fills the voids among the magnets is a special glue. After hardening, it is becomes solid as a stone and does not get dirty at all. And since this is a magnetic system, and the magnets are compressed very strongly among each other – we need the maximum fixation. Otherwise, if the detacher falls on the floor, one of the broken magnets can really hurt you. This is the maximum. At least, the detacher will stop working properly after this. Who needs it? I make devices on my conscience so that they can be used for a long time.

Explain how the protective box (safer) is opened with a magnetic detacher?

— You need to install the detacher to the bulge on the protective box. Then, depending on the manufacturer: just slide the lock, find a small latch and slide it, press the button. Everything is really simple, and you will easily understand how to do it at the exact moment you take the box and the detacher. Watch the video carefully.

Explain how the Spider tag (with wires) needs to be open with a magnetic detacher? Does it alarm if you open it?

— The most important thing is to watch the video as it happens. The sound occurs only after closing (setting to security mode). The sound does not occur after you disarm the tag. Actions: apply the detacher to the round ledge, press the button on the side, the button POPs out, the tag is open.

Does it open the Spiders?

— Yes, it opens all spiders except those on which 2Alarm or 3Alarm is written. These two require the Alpha S3 detacher

How does the detacher work with sensors that have paint capsules inside? Will it all come out on me?

— When opened by the detacher, the capsules are 100% intact. This method of protection is made so that the sensors are not broken into pieces. The detacher works the same way as the ones on the checkout.

Why are these 5 small magnets more powerful than the original one that is installed in stores?

— It is another, more high-quality magnetic raw material, more accurately calculated combination of the size of magnets.

Is it a crime if I remove the tag in the store, but do not steal anything. Just remove it and leave it inside the store?

— No, there is nothing criminal in the use of the detacher itself until you have taken the tag or the product out of the store.

Easy instructions on how to open tightly clamped tags: 

To see the difference between this detacher and the detacher №2 & №3



The 1-2-3 magnetic type detachers don’t open SuperTags.

Mechanisms of these detachers are absolutely different. SuperTag can be opened with the help of the special hook:


Here this tags are SuperTag:

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